A Thief Stole Your Stuff

men's gray pullover hooded jacket

Imagine this. A thief breaks into your home and steals your stuff. He steals everything, everything. Your house is barren — even the dust is gone.

Fortunately, the police manage to catch the criminal. Apparently, the thief’s name is Erick, a kind of shaggy, sad-looking guy. When he goes to court, he pleads guilty but begs the judge to let him go because he’s usually a good person. After all, he doesn’t usually steal. It’s been over a year, a whole year, since he last stole something! You see, Erick has been really depressed lately because his dog just died, so he needed some drugs to get over the pain.

“You know how it is, right?” Erick tells the judge while he looks down on the floor with a tear in his eye. “Please let me go. I promise, promise, I won’t do it again.” (He said that the same thing last time too.)

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